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日本における 中国パスポート所有者のセントヘレナのビザ

permanent resident?

記入する セントヘレナ tourist e-visa 申込書オンライン


Scanned copy of 中国 passport. A clear scan of the photo page and information pages of your valid, signed passport.
Passport-type photograph: photograph size 45mm high x 35mm wide, taken within the last month, must be uploaded to your applicant profile.
Itinerary. Provide the evidence that your onward journey is booked or confirmed (a flight booking email, printed tickets, confirmation from a travel agent).
Health Insurance. Proof of adequate medical or travel insurance, including cover for medical evacuation.
Employment Letter. Copy of a letter from your employer on business letterhead, with contact details, stating that a leave of absence has been granted, purpose and duration of the trip, and that you will be returning to your current job. If you are self-employed, include a copy of your business license and tax return. For students, please submit an official letter from your school indicating that you are in good standing and that you are registered for the upcoming semester. If you are retired please submit proof of your retirement fund. If you are unemployed and married, please submit a consent letter from spouse.
Hotel reservation. Confirmed booking of stay.
Proof of status. A copy of a valid visa or residence permit for the United States; OR a permanent residence permit for the United States, Japan, United Kingdom, or any of the Schengen member states.
Previous travel documents. Provide previous travel documents/passports, which show previous travel.
Proof of sufficient funds. Financial documents showing that you have sufficient funds available. These must clearly show that you have access to the funds, such as:
• bank statements
• building society book
• proof of earnings such as a letter from employer confirming employment details (start date of employment, salary, role, company contact details)
• where a third party (who is either in St. Helena or who will be legally in the St. Helena at the time of your visit) is providing financial support to you e.g. a business, a friend or a relative, documents to show they have sufficient resources to support you in addition to themselves and any dependant family should be provided.

中国市民のためのセントヘレナtourist e-visa手数料

  • 妥当性: まで 6 ヶ月
  • 処理: 21 business days
  • 総費用:
  • 妥当性: まで 6 ヶ月
  • 処理: 21 business days
  • 総費用:
最大滞在 で セントヘレナ: 180 日 セントヘレナ visa help
最大滞在 で セントヘレナ: 180 日 セントヘレナ visa help
中国の市民のためのセントヘレナビザが必要です。詳細については、 セントヘレナの大使館.

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